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Couple arguing, relationship coaching

Is your marriage feeling flat? Or worse?




You're both unique.

So is your marriage.

 Together we'll uncover, through customized strategies, what's missing, how you truly want to be loved and find ways to repair your marriage to ensure a fulfilling connection for you both.



 Has the passion burned out?

Feeling more like roommates than lovers?

Do you find yourself wondering if it will ever get better?



Phone, online, and in-person appointments available to work with your schedule.

No sitter? No problem. Bring the kids or book online or phone appointments after bedtim

Charitable Giving

 All people deserve happiness and are entitled to have their basic needs met. 10% of all profits are donated to charities supporting refugee children, veterans, the homeless, and to support the cleanup of the earth's oceans.


Start Your Journey Towards A Better Connection Today!

My greatest passion is helping people find lasting joy within their connections with others. 

Contact me now to discover solutions made just for you!

Heather K - Relationship Coach

Minneapolis, MN

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