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Relationship Coaching Is For Everyone


Relationship Reality

Most of us learn early in life that relationships don't exactly work like the movies. It isn't effortless. We don't feel sexy 24/7. The object of our affection burps, leaves socks on the floor, and does quirky things that annoy us. Often, advice from friends and family give us strategies that worked for them, but may not be the best for our situation.  


Purposeful Connections

The relationship we have with our partner can also be the best part of our lives. There isn't a subject in school or a "Talk" from your Dad that really prepares you for the ups and downs relationships go through.

In coaching we'll get clear on what you want from your relationship, how you want to feel, and build skills around bringing those things into your daily life. 


A Professional You Can Trust

As a Certified Activation Method Coach I've gone through intensive study and training in strategies to handle the whole range of human needs and life challenges.  AM Coaches are trained to identify every type of obstacle that may be holding a client back (such as their internal beliefs, communication patterns, relationship beliefs and practices, life stages) and prescribe practical strategies to create results in each of these areas. I can provide practical perspectives for you to understand your options, and then offer strategies and actions for bringing about the changes you want.   I help my clients expand their ability to think creatively, see potential in every part of life, expand and deepen all their relationships, and overcome the fears which have limited their joy and progress.